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The Belgian design brand Ertz stands for sustainable design and therefore likes to take the time to grow organically according to the inspiration of designer Pieter De Smul. Hence, the design and development of furniture objects in wood and natural stone will be further explored. Often, the collection of Ertz can also be made bespoke. Ask for the possibilities and create together with the designer a unique piece of furniture that retains its beauty and value for years to come. 


Honest, Belgian materials

Based on pure inspiration and out of honest, Belgian materials, ERTZ extracts special interior objects that are both plain and full of character. The name of the young Belgian label refers to the mining of steel from ore, designer Pieter De Smul’s favourite material. He shapes steel into slim, solid furniture and combines it with wood or natural stone. In this way he creates pieces of furniture that stand out just because they blend so well in your interior.  


Balance between trendy and timeless

They are real eye-catchers just because they perfectly maintain the balance between trendy and timeless. The collection was also given names of rocks. From bookend Branco to mirror Foster: each and every one of them are fine furniture objects that, thanks to their quality and durability, will become a fixed value in your interior. 

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